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Joseph Bismark; My Mentor’s Appreciation of Happiness

Joseph Bismark Happiness is within us'I want to share the wisdom I learn from my mentor in business; Joseph Bismark. This I apply on both of my personal life and business endeavors.

We’re all driven towards happiness, and happiness is what drives us. This is a reality we carry in life, whether it’s with extremes of fanaticism or obsession, or a subtle, soulful artistry or passion. Happiness is both our goal and adrenaline. As we are about to end the year, I want to share Joseph Bismark wonderful thought on happiness he wrote on his blog. http://www.gemsofwisdom.net/happiness-is-within-us

“Happiness Lies Within us” – Joseph Bismark

Joseph Bismark didn’t start the article in the conventional way of defining the vocal point of the idea. As a man who knows the best means to convey ideas across, he knew that giving people a definition might make them reconstruct their own understanding of the subject. Instead of defining what happiness is, he started the article by straightforwardly advising where it can be found. In so doing, he points everyone to the right direction.

What he offers is a form of perspective. To say that happiness is coming from within means that the source of it is us, ourselves. And when we have defined the source of something we pursue, we are able to understand how to pursue it, and how to control such pursuit. Not knowing where something important is coming from can make someone vulnerable, fearful and insecure. The basic message Bismark wants to share is that we are the ones who should be in control of our own happiness.

Contrary to these ideas, there are those who allow their happiness to be defined by material things. Blindly driven by superficial happiness, they will chase after materialism desperately, not understanding its lack of value or worth. And when someone is blind, that someone is bound to stumble. And from stumbling comes suffering. And in suffering, that someone will look for someone else to blame. Having started with the wrong perspective, that blame will point outside, to others, to God, and this is where the sad reality of “grudges, resentments and unforgiven past” will come in. These are the weight of someone who has never been truly happy, because he has invested his happiness on something he can’t control, and on something that is not from within.

We’ve seen people under the influence of addiction of some sort, and it’s not just in the form of drugs. Addiction comes in many forms, and in subtle ways it can also be likened to obsession. We can be addicted with the pleasure we get from good food, or by being surrounded by high-end gadgets. Our obsession over new clothes continues and gets even stronger every time we get a new item from a famous brand. Or, we would interpret the sensual satisfaction we get from another person as happiness, and subject ourselves to said person’s whims.

A lack of perspective can mean a lack of control. On the other hand, seeing things from the right perspective means being able to control it. We’ve reached for material things so much and relied on them for happiness that without them it seems we can’t be truly happy. For Joseph Bismark, we must know where happiness can be found, so we can have the power to reach it.

“Worldly things are Temporary.”

It’s amazing how a businessman of his caliber can strongly declare such a statement, considering he has built a business empire by selling products. But it’s worth remembering that before he entered the world of business, he was first a student of meditation living in an ashram. Joseph Bismark knows how to see things stripped of its material aspect, and as such, see things for what they are. And if he sees happiness beyond material possessions, he also sees the human person as someone who’s more than the body that exists in the material world.

Joseph Bismark on Self-Acceptance 

This second point is a beautiful complement on the first thoughts he shared, and directs fundamentally to his understanding of the human person: a being that thinks, that feels and is the soul. This is the reason why we can’t find true happiness in the things we pursue on earth. We are in essence, the soul, and as such, will always look for more than what we get from the physical world. This understanding also explains how our ignorance to this fact, a lack of spiritual awareness, has taken us to a road of ceaseless, temporal satisfaction,  off course from real happiness.joseph bismark twitter post

Analogy of A Foolish Shopper

materiality-finalSatisfaction can’t be attained through the things we hoard on this earth: money, power, and sensuality. This is Joseph Bismark’s analogy of a shopper who can take anything from the shelf, but not take it home with them. We’re in this shop right now, and each form of satisfaction we get is an item from the shelf. Ultimately, we leave the shop carrying nothing but ourselves, and while we’re in, we’ll always pick things up without any form of true, lasting happiness, consoled temporarily only by the next thing we can get from the shelf.

This ‘shop till you drop’ attitude is greed disguising itself in so many forms. Our tendency to get more out of everything: the food we eat, the possession we acquire, the fame and fortune we hog, the people we desire to dominate – we move from one item to another in this material world, undermining the onslaught in our wake. And so the foul tendencies to be corrupt in a system built on rules, to gossip against other people, to steal, to cheat, for the sole purpose of getting what we want, lingers in our world today. If we look into the picture closely enough, Joseph Bismark is actually delivering a horrifying yet true image of humanity – our tendency to be greedy.joseph bismark twitter post 2

But Bismark didn’t paint this picture with the intention of frightening or disheartening us. Let’s remember this is an article on ‘Happiness’, not on human weakness. While we do have the inclination towards greed, our acceptance of this fact and mastery over it will give us the power to outwit greed and find true happiness.

How To Find Happiness

tarrants_kneelWhile making us understand our material inclinations, Joseph Bismark goes back to how we should find our happiness. “The key to real happiness is to look internally, not externally.” Looking within. This time, not only do we carry the wisdom that we are capable of our own happiness, and that we are the ones in control, we also carry this wisdom with the humbling self-awareness of our tendencies, narrowed down to help us further know where our personal happiness lies.

Mirror-selfesteemTo look internally is to see what’s inside. Who am I really? In this world, someone can be a parent, a friend, a business partner, a passionate artist, or a hardworking employee. But behind the parent we see, there’s someone who is nurturing, and caring. Behind the friend we see is someone who is compassionate, who is always there, and sensitive to others. Behind the business partner we see is a trustworthy person. Behind the artist we see are eyes that see transcendence. Behind the employee we see, there’s dedication and hard work. This is what Joseph Bismark teaches in his meditation class, that we strip ourselves of our materialism, and understand who we are: spiritual beings. As such, beings fashioned from and by the Supreme Being.

The Spirituality of Happiness

Bismark is tapping on something more divine: the spirituality of happiness. It would easily make sense if we understand that we are not our material body, and the only way to be happy is to understand our spiritual selves. It’s through this that we get to establish our connection with the Supreme Being.

joseph bismarkHow does this connection lead to happiness? For one thing, it leads to a more frugal perspective in life where the absence of material things won’t deter us from being happy. More importantly, this connection reveals who we truly we are, and only by knowing who our true selves are can we understand how we can make ourselves happy.

Perhaps this is also what makes Joseph Bismark different from other businessmen. While the sparkle of profit and growth can blind the spiritually inexperienced, Bismark knows who he is, and has never been led astray by the tendencies to make more out of the great things he has achieved. He remains happy, as he remains spiritual. People see these as well. Most see in him the wisdom of a teacher. Others, the love and protection of a father. How he sees himself internally, who he is in connection with the Supreme Being, only Bismark can truly see. He knows what his happiness is, for he knows who he truly is.

Moving from Within

“Happiness lies within.” This encompassing first thought suggests a seemingly human approach, and for the trivial mind one would think that this is bordering close to self-centeredness. But the idea that Joseph Bismark is trying to convey is not grounded on making only ourselves happy. On the contrary, his first statement is completed by the last sentence in the paragraph, stating that, “Happiness should come from the inside out.”

The connection that we build with the Supreme Being should not be kept in. There is a movement that needs to be done from what we find in ourselves, to what we give to others. After all, we wouldn’t see the wisdom of a teacher from Bismark if he doesn’t reach out to so many people with his quotations, anecdotes and reminders. His words come from inside him, from what he finds within.

Joseph Bismark quoteWhen he said in his Facebook page, “Be a solution provider, not a problem analyst.”, we are hearing the words of a true leader wired for developing his people.

When he says, “Be positive.”, we are getting words from someone who has seen a lot of negativity that knows the positive angle in them.

What we find inside needs to be lived and expressed outside to others. This isn’t a self-centered spirituality, but a communal one. How else can we realize our connection with the Supreme Being if not through connection with other spiritual beings like us? This isn’t a one-way connection. This is interconnectedness, a network of spirits in pursuit of true happiness with one another.

Rebuilding Lives after Typhoon Haiyan

yolandaJoseph Bismark saw this connection shine it’s brightest when he looked at the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Named among the Filipinos as Yolanda, this category 5 super typhoon ripped through central Philippines in brutal gusts and rain, taking with it more than six thousand lives, and leaving an aftermath of terrible destruction. Then, from amidst the ruins, people began to slowly rebuild their lives. The survivors gathered what remains of their home and their lives to restore everything.

He said on one of his speech “where there is true happiness, we find goodness, hope, strength and resilience.” Not even a storm can stifle the spirit of a person if there is happiness inside nourished by the connection built with others. It didn’t come as a surprise to the world that the Filipinos would rise from the aftermath of such calamity. Anyone who has graced the shores of the Philippines knows where those genuine smiles and persistent, almost stubborn optimism come from. We Filipinos know what it means to be truly happy, and from that happiness we are able to overcome any difficulty.

From the prelude of the storm, Joseph Bismark saw people who are connected, finding their true selves through self-giving and generosity. They reached out, helped out, and kept each other’s spirits up with prayers, and songs, and light-hearted chitchat about day-to-day activities albeit changed by an unprecedented natural event. Worldly things are indeed temporary, easily taken in an instant. But what people in central Philippines had was more than the worldly things they lost.

It’s amazing how such loss, such lack of material things, has highlighted the people’s source of happiness. Joseph Bismark has given us a blueprint of how to achieve happiness. Introspection is his key takeaway for everyone if he was to sum everything into one word. An personal perspective where we find spiritual connection with ourselves, with the Supreme Being, and with others.

We can only find happiness from within as we see our spiritual selves connected with the Supreme Being, and with others.

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Joseph Bismark on The Importance of Innovation

Joseph Bismark began his article in a manner short of subtlety, but very effective in its message of truth. “Innovate or Die.” He quoted this morbid command, which means he has taken it upon himself to absorb its depth and meaning before sharing the guiding principle it offers. The best statements are the ones that rattle people to the bone in dread of a terrifying truth, because it is this truth that will make them stronger in the face of dread.

Joseph Bismark – To Innovate and To Rule

We imagine the first earth walker being chased down by a monstrous beast that has selected him for dinner. Cornered and weary with a chasm at his back, he stares at this creature with primal fear, death a sure outcome in the situation. But instinct kicked in as desperation mixed with the desire to live, then all of a sudden, this Neanderthal didn’t feel like dying that day. What he had to use to change his fate was his wits, like how the mind of a chimpanzee works. He had nothing, but then there were rocks, hard and painful. And the chasm behind him meant a turn in the tide.

And so debris turned into weapons, terrain turned into a leverage, and an impossible situation became a simple puzzle to be solved. “Innovate or Die.” With everything that he has achieved, Bismark now stands on a pedestal few have stood on, and he sees, across the horizon, people of our generation being chased down by the monsters of failure and defeat, threatening to consume us. With the voice of a leader and a teacher, Joseph Bismark calls out and echoes the same teaching he has mastered: “Innovate or Die.”


Photo credits: http://www.evolutionmarketplace.com

The Playing Field

What Bismark stresses first of all is the playing field. “The market now is constantly evolving.” Evolution is an unstoppable force in the universe, and Bismark sees its power from a market and business perspective. What happened to the species from the prehistorics that couldn’t evolve fast enough? They’ve gone extinct. Innovation is evolution, and Bismark wants to send this message across and he wants us to absorb it if we want to survive in today’s world.

Taking a short walk down memory lane, we remember that one of Joseph Bismark’s defining features among many success stories is his humble beginning. He didn’t enter the world grand and festive like fireworks in the night sky. His journey began under the banner of simplicity, and discipline. A life without luxury or comfort is a life with the most meager of choices – this is the life of a monk, and this is how he spent his childhood. He saw what can be done with so little. He felt the enlightenment of austerity in its sacred form and he discovered that the things we have now, if not the things we create, can give us the means to survive, to thrive and eventually, to succeed.

Which is why it’s really worth noting his tone when he said, “It’s an advice I agree wholeheartedly with,” in describing the thesis statement of the article. Perhaps at one point in his life he too felt cornered by the monster looming over so many businesses today, and perhaps he fought with what he had as well. With his effective means of reaching out to people in the same boat, this wouldn’t come as a surprise. But he has clearly conquered the monster, and now has taken the lead in the race, ahead of the pack.


Photo credits: http://deepwebtechblog.com

We didn’t go through thousands of years just to end up depending on rocks and running down hills to avoid getting eaten. Millenniums have honed our survival skills and this has allowed us to turn the most basic of elements into the most intricate of creations: technology. This, Bismark points out, is the difference-maker on the ladders of innovation. “…businessmen need to survive and thrive in advanced technology…” and it’s clear in the latter points of the article that he doesn’t see his company as an exemption to this. Technology has been the measure of evolution, and hence, of innovation. Mastery over technology is mastery over the playing field, and measures the rate of a business’ survival in a competitive world.

Using Technology

It’s not just about using technology itself as a product of a business. It can also serve as a channel of promotion, and a statement of a company’s profits. We see the trend of QNET’s products over the years, and in each venture their means of commercializing their products become more attuned with today’s public social network. After all, someone who goes out handing around flyers of an upcoming sale would hardly make an impact compared to someone who blasts the details on a wide-screen billboard on a seemingly plain building. Technology can sell, can make selling easier, and is like a branded t-shirt worn with a statement of fad.

“You mix and match raw ingredients to make a brand new dish.”

His analogy with Steve Jobs may seem a bit overreaching for most of us, especially if we want to start small and simple. But Jobs did start small, and so did Bismark. But if we take small steps with only a short journey in mind, we wouldn’t get far. Bismark knew that to motivate people, you also have to push with a statement that will make them want to achieve great things.

 Zig Ziglar - You Don't have to be great to start

Start now.

Posted by Joseph Bismark on Saturday, October 10, 2015

Joseph Bismark’s Innovation At It’s Finest

Motivation in hand, Bismark now needed to make us take the first step. Take that world-renowned billionaire and compare him to a chef; it’s like saying, ‘You can be just like him’. What Jobs did to build his kingdom of phones and gadgets boils down to the skills of someone who knows how to renew and reuse old things in a powerful way. A phone becomes something else entirely if you make it capable of internet connection, though technically it’s still a phone. A computer becomes more attractive if you make it light and handy, though it’s still a computer. And when you combine these two in one device, then you have created something new out of already existing creations. Innovation at its finest.

Fresh minds taking their first eager steps into the business world may attempt a vigorous campaign to come up with something no one has ever thought of. To suddenly topple down existing powerhouse companies with a growth spurt of a new trend. With all the people that went under Bismark’s wings, all those fresh graduates looking for advice on how to be successful, it’s most likely that he encountered such minds. And he takes this message and labels it for them. It’s great if we create something new and offer it up for the appreciation and consumption of the world. But some may think that it’s like planting something and hoping something different and exciting would grow. No – what we plant is what will grow, and aside from the rare chance that a mutated version of it will pop up, we have to make do with the produce of our own tilled soil.

A chef doesn’t need to find a new kind of crop or poultry to make an unforgettable dish. He just needs a right amount of heat, the right touch of spices and to add the perfect ingredients from what’s available, and a culinary masterpiece is made. New taste, same ingredients, another innovation. Why waste time and energy trying to plant a new kind of vegetable if you can make a fine dish out of the existing ones? An old invention will always become new through innovation.

Steps to take

Using the same ingredients as any other chef uses can pose a challenge in a world where people easily get tired of and bored with old things. While some of us enjoy the ordinary and the classic, others prefer variations, something different from what’s already there. The birth of QNET was set in an age of multi-leveled competition. Which means, even before they got deep into the forest, there were already giant companies ready to eat them alive. But without the will to take that first step, or the bravery to take a second one and challenge such giants further, QNET wouldn’t be as big as it is now.

But it’s not blind bravery that made them successful. Challenges were not just big. They were also constant, ever-growing, ever-changing, and to stay ahead of the curve, Joseph Bismark knew QNET couldn’t afford to close its eyes to the many movements in the world. And so he employed several tactics that kept the company strong, and outlined the very meaning of innovation in the business world.

Bismark knew the forest even before he entered it. He knew the other creatures and hunters already inside. “There were similar companies around.” This level of awareness suggests a keen grasp of knowledge and expertise. He had many connections across the globe, both social and professional, and he knew who are already adept at market strategies, or how fresh companies plunge into withered bankruptcy. But being equipped with relevant information has protected QNET from such individuals, an armor against the creatures in the forest. Knowing the players in the field, or the fact that they’re there, is half the battle already won.

Joseph Bismark Favorite Quote

Do something new.

Posted by Joseph Bismark on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Both success and failure leave remnants of their effects. Both also leave lessons on what to do and what not to do. Joseph Bismark with QNET “took on the very powerful concept of Network Marketing and adapted it.” Even before starting his business, Bismark already had innovative skills. His team’s strategy was to utilize existing concepts and principles that will enable them to determine the next steps to take or to avoid. Stategic partnerships allowed them access to more information and more opportunity for growth, and here, once again, Bismark teaches us to make use of the old and the existing to make something new. QNET has now empowered itself with a weapon to face the challengers and join the field.

Despite its growth and profit, Bismark didn’t let QNET go way over its head. “Every six years, we conduct a thorough market analysis and trend forecast to ensure QNET remains ahead of the curve. It’s not always a success story for the company, nor is it for any other. There will be losses and this fact leaves no exemption. We can’t always expect to win in a fight. We can’t always expect that new line to be the next big craze. But we can always take a step back, account for both wins and losses, and see how to make things better. To gauge how the field is playing our game, and how much of the forest we’ve already tamed.” QNET knows how to assess the situation and to better itself.

 Joseph Bismark Quotes A Mistake is Never A Loss

Don’t repeat mistakes.

Posted by Joseph Bismark on Monday, November 9, 2015

QNET’s Innovation Turns The Tide Of Success

Now stronger, and better, QNET has taken it upon itself to also grow bigger. “We increase and refine our product range every year.” If a competitor reads that phrase, he’d be in a panic, wondering how Bismark could possibly do that. But he has empowered QNET with the means to make something new. To put innovation into practice. Become aware of the competition. Employ the strategy and utilize the process. Review, rejuvenate and charge again. QNET will thrive in a competition and can make better things out of existing ones that will enable it to control the pace of the game. Innovation turns the tide of success.

“No one knows what the future holds.”

At the end phase of the learning steps towards innovation, Joseph Bismark offers us a chasm. There’s a certain unpredictability as we understand what it means to be innovative. With an undeveloped mind, our early ancestors probably didn’t even think that a rock could hurt a beast. But the use of impulse, of ‘gut feeling’, dictated by instinct, had given them the means to survive. Of all the things we have now, there are a lot we don’t really understand, and as such don’t fully control. But for Bismark, that shouldn’t stop us from using them. It’s worth wondering if Jobs knew completely how far his products will go. What were the limits of the microprocessors he made? What are the extended potentials of the Mac? How big can QNET grow, and what other new products will it sell?

In the end, Bismark sums it up with a simple two-word reality: open-mindedness. Only he who allows all possibilities to enter his mind can know the best possible way to make use of what he has. There will always be chips in the armor we wear and the weapons we use, loopholes and risks in the strategies we employ, but we need to make the most out of them by opening ourselves to the best ways of using them. If he didn’t give that rock a chance, if it remained just a rock and didn’t get transformed into a weapon, our Neanderthal friend would’ve been eaten already.

For Bismark, an innovative mind is an open mind that sees the possibilities without limit, and thrives in any endeavor.

Joseph Bismark 10 Health Tips

Joseph Bismark Ten Health Tips to Live By

Joseph Bismark, as a staunch advocate of healthy living and wellness, believes that each one of us is responsible for our health and body. Staying healthy must be one’s priority. We only live once and so we must protect our health at all times. He recently shared with aspIRe Magazine about his health routines in order to keep his mind and body active all the time.

“Health is a mindset.” – Joseph Bismark

Top 10 Health Tips To Live By

The following are the top 10 health tips I’ve learned from Joseph Bismark.

1. Wake Up Early

wake up early

Photo Credits: http://sujonhera.files.wordpress.com

A great day starts with a great morning. Waking up early makes you feel better than waking up late. It is a great way to start because you will have enough time to prepare for everything that needs to be done throughout the day and there will be no need to rush. Waking up early can also put you in a good mood.

2. Meditate

Many successful business people and other renowned personalities including Joseph Bismark practice meditation regularly and enjoy its positive effects. Meditation is the best way to balance your physical, emotional and mental state. It also helps to eliminate stress. Joseph Bismark believes that meditation can uplift one’s thinking and allows us to get to know ourselves on a deeper level. He uses SoundCloud to upload and share his chants and mantras


Photo Credits: http://mindbodygreen.com


3. Exercise regularly


Photo Credits: http://stayhealthyla.org

Spend a bit of your time activating your muscles and gaining energy by doing some physical exercises such as stretching, running or walking. Exercise is an important part of a healthier lifestyle. Exercise improves the blood circulation of your body. It boosts your energy levels, improves your mood, strengthens your muscles, keeps your bones strong and helps you maintain a normal weight.

4. Go Vegetarian

Joseph Bismark on being a vegetarian

Photo Credits: https://thehandmadehippie.wordpress.com

A vegetarian diet improves the immune system and reduces the risk for chronic diseases. A high-fiber diet helps to eliminate waste from the body and improves the metabolism. Eating the right kinds of foods can make you live longer.


5. Yoga

Joseph Bismark On Yoga

Photo Credit: http://hivesociety.com/2015/08/04/free-yoga-august/

Joseph Bismark is not just a business leader, he is also a Yoga Master. He commits several hours a dat to practice yoga poses. For him, yoga is not just an exercise routine, but it is a way of life.

Yoga is a practical aid, not a religion. Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. The continued practice of yoga will lead you to a sense of peace and well-being, and also a feeling of being at one with their environment. The practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible, it also improves the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems. Yoga brings about emotional stability and clarity of mind.

Read more at <http://yoga.org.nz/what-is-yoga/yoga_definition.htm>

It makes the body more flexible and helps you relax your mind.

6. Try Luminosity

Bismark also uses Luminosity, an online application that focuses on mental health development through brainstorming. He connects to the platform every day to get a daily dose of brainstorming by engaging in scientific games. It takes as little as 15 minutes to boost brain activity and energy levels.

Excerpt from <http://thewidowscry.com/index.php/2015/09/12/untold-health-and-wellness-secrets-by-joseph-bismark-revealed/>

7. Think Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking is very good for one’s health because it is the best way to eliminate stress and depression. By being an optimistic person, you are able to eliminate negative thoughts which results in a feeling of well-being and helps in achieving peace of mind. Our brain and body are connected. We should also develop a healthy mind.

8. Get Enough Sleep

good sleep

Photo Credits: http://advancedallergytreatment.com/

Getting enough sleep is also an important part of our daily routine. Sleep reduces stress and the risk for depression. Having a good night’s sleep leads to a great morning start. It contributes to making us feel better when we wake up.

9. Detoxify Your Body

Joseph Bismark believes that there is a need to detoxify the body. There are natural ways to cleanse one’s inner body, and some of them are listed below:

  • Drink plenty of water. Water flushes toxins and impurities out of our system, and it also helps to keep our skin look young and healthy.
  • Eat foods that are rich in fiber. Foods that are rich in fiber like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain cereals, beans and the like can help in cleansing the toxins in our digestive system.
  • Eat organic foods. By eating organic foods, you can limit your body’s exposure to chemicals and other substances used in the production of non-organic foods.

Below is a video from Joseph Bismark. In this video, he talks about the importance of taking care of our health and body.

10. Uplift Your Sense of Spirituality

As a person, to stay healthy is the same as becoming a good human being. We must also feed our souls with good deeds by cultivating the values of helping others. We should learn how to be and stay humble. Our sense of spirituality and maintaining faith with God will lead us to making the right decisions for ourselves and to having a healthy and meaningful life.

It is an extreme priority to keep ourselves healthy. This will lead us to live longer and enjoy a happier life. Like Joseph Bismark said, health is a mindset. It takes self discipline and we must keep away from the things that might affect our health and well-being.


Joseph Bismark 7 Secrets for Success

Joseph Bismark’s Seven Secrets For Success

Joseph Bismark is a distinguished businessman, a talented and versatile leader, and a well-known advocate of healthy lifestyles and wellness. He is a co-founder of QI Limited and has been its Managing Director since December 2008. His leadership style and consultative management style has led him up the ladder of success.

Joseph Bismark’s Seven Secrets for Success

Note that these are just a compilation of what I’ve learned from Joseph Bismark and my own interpretation of his excerpts of wisdom.

He believes that –

Everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.

He encourages everyone to believe in themselves so they can reach their goals and become successful in life. What are the secrets to becoming successful in one’s life and career?

1. Believe in Yourself

Joseph Bismark inspires many people to believe in themselves. He teaches people about how they can enhance their lives and how to see themselves as worthy human beings. The success of a person lies within themselves. If you are not confident enough to do things and face the challenges ahead, you will not be able to reach what you want to achieve in life.

2. Never Stop Learning

In these modern times, the trends and methods in business have changed due to the advances in technology. Life is changing fast and we should learn how to cope with the new trends. Joseph Bismark is considered to be an individual who has a never-ending thirst for knowledge. This characteristic of his leads him to excel in every area of his life and career. It is important to explore and learn new skills to achieve your goals in life.

3. Overcome Mistakes and Accept Challenges

Challenges are part of life and we should always be ready to face them. To become successful is not so easy. It takes a lot of encouragement and perseverance to achieve one’s goals in life. No matter how many times we fall on the road towards success, we must learn how to stand up. Mistakes should be treated as a reminder that we should do better next time. We are not perfect persons and we cannot do things instantly and perfectly all the time. We should welcome criticisms for they will help us to see what we need to improve in ourselves. Do not be afraid to take on challenges, because it will measure how strong you are as a person. We must persevere in life and work hard to achieve our goals in life and become successful.

4. Be Your Own Motivation

Joseph Bismark is consistent when it comes to encouraging people to see their potential and telling them that they can do their best. This will also help boost their confidence and get motivated while working. Of course, you will not be able to motivate others if you do not develop within yourself a positive mindset. There is no need for other people’s praises in whatever you do. Within yourself, you should remember that you are capable of doing things. Always remember to be humble.

5. Team Work

Growth can be achieved by joining forces with others. The essence of being a leader is to develop a strong relationship between each member of your team. The success of a company lies within the hard work and dedication of your team towards reaching your goals. If you manage to encourage the people around you to work hard and believe in themselves, your company can go a long way. Joseph Bismark feels that success is also about sharing the blessings and triumphs with those people around him.

6. Use Spirituality to Help

Joseph Bismark is known as a businessman who has proven that spirituality can help a business grow. With his distinguished style of leadership, he uses his core beliefs about life and applies wisdom and virtue in everything that he does. His views in life have brought him to success.

Joseph Bismark Spiritual Growth Reflection

Bismark’s ingenuity in Qnet, a subsidiary of QI Group of Companies has taken the company to great heights, thanks to his enduring spirit and innovative mind. His entrepreneurial spirit has awed millions of people who appreciate his business approach and profit making ideas. Having said that, the checkered waters of the corporate world is both stressful and demanding. This challenge becomes even tougher when you want to start or run a successful business. Under such a competitive and stressful environment, little attention is given to everyday living virtues like peace of mind, spirituality, harmonious working relationship and a feeling of brotherhood. Bismark has seen what these virtues can achieve in terms of self-esteem, team work and productivity. For this reason, he greatly believes spirituality and business are all intertwined.

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7. Know Your Goals and Have Focus

For a man to become successful, he must have a good vision. He must know what he wants to become, what he want to achieve in life. It is all about setting up your goals and focusing on building your plans for how to reach them. There may be lots of hurdles along the way, but once you have focus, you can surely see the best options and make the right decisions to reach your dreams.

Joseph Bismark’s Three Rules for Success

Below is a condensed curated video featuring Joseph Bismark’s “Three Rules for Success”. In the following video, he stressed the essence of the following three aspects that he considered as rules for success.
1. Accept
2. Persevere
3. Conquer Defeat

The most important thing in life is to know your purpose- why you live. It is simply setting up your goals – what you want to happen in your life, what you want to become in the future, and how you want others to see you as a person. All of us want to become successful in life. What matters most is that we learn to believe in ourselves and that we can make beautiful things happen in our life.

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